New Insanity “Max” Interval Workout…. oh god….

So tonight I was supposed to do both a Fitness Test and then right afterwards a Max Interval Workout… but with time very short because of the Cubs session I decided to just do the Max Interval Workout… thinking meh it can’t be that bad, I’m so much stronger and fitter since I started…. I’m ready!

As it started I remembered “Ah yeah it’s an hour long… maybe that’s why it’s got the MAX word in it, for maximum extended workout??? Whatever! I’m ready for this, I can do an hour”…. but then it soon dawned on me after about 5 minutes this is a completely new type of workout. Shaun T is no longer nice to me nor says nice things through the camera. He now says sternly “No messing now, I’m going to hurt you” and “Shaun T is smiling because he likes to hurt people”… WTF? WHY SHAUN T? I THOUGHT WE WERE BUDDIES???

Since 90% of the workout was all new exercises I was learning as I was going, sometimes shaking my head in disgust at what he was asking me to do for 60 seconds…. thinking “not a chance I can do that”.

To be fair, I now look back at my old exercises and think I can do these now without too much of a struggle. That’s why I’ve been given this new horrible workout so I can rise above this one and Not Forgetting that I equally found the old exercises just as impossible when I first did them, eventually getting fitter and stronger.

I think I’ll have to up my calories to 3,000 for this week now and keep an eye on my weight. I want all the energy I can take in, I’m trying to get as much sleep as possible but with mine and Ang’s bad chests it’s making life pretty grim right now.

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