200 Lengths Done – Results

Well that was a fifth of what I’ll be doing in around 8 weeks.I felt generally quite good whilst doing it and I enjoyed breaking it down with the warm up, first sub-section, main section, second sub-section and cool down.

I beat all of my section targets (below) without meaning to so I guess that is really positive looking forward to the much larger practice challenges:


For the first time, I used the EZ Endurance and Recovery supplements and found that I needed about 1.5 bottles for every 100 lengths. This was more about what my stomach could contain without feeling off rather than what felt right energy-wise. I took on quite a bit of EZ Endurance (300ml) after my first 30 minutes.and my stomach as a bit upset. I think I took an equivalent of 10 large sips rather than taking 10 very small sips. At this point I started to mix it up with the EZ Recovery formula which was a bit easier on the stomach.

Up to the first 100 lengths I was absolutely fine probably thanks to the energy bar/gel I took 20mins/5 mins before the swim. It was all good and I powered through the main section at 85% and 100% pace which I absolutely went for to get my HR up. I enjoyed the cool down afterwards – it made sense taking it easy at the end rather than powering through to the last length and then getting out of the pool.

The only problem I had was afterwards I was absolutely Exhausted even though I took a full recovery formula, ate well, rested in the first spring sunshine and went to bed early as a result. I feel OK today apart from a stupid chest infection! Difflam Spray CURE ME!

I’m going to email Tom Irving about my results and see what he says.

280 lengths this Sunday! I’ll be doing 500 in four Sundays… a guy raised over £1,000 for swimming that in Front Crawl this year .I’m doing 500 lengths in breaststroke as a practice? I need to get my ass in gear with sponsorship. I know a friend of mine, Tammy, who is one of the main organisers for AFC Masters said that she will speak to someone at Bolton News for me.

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