Insanity Week 6 “Max”ness & Swimming to release Dread

Finished the week of Core Cardio and Balance and about to begin the first of four weeks where every Workout has the word MAX in it. The next one I have to do a fitness test before it then begin the workout! The last time I did the fitness test at the beginning of Insanity I was nearly sick, now I’ve got to improve and do an hour’s Workout afterwards? I’m going to need my energy gels!

Went to the lovely awesome Mark’s 30th last night and being sober I felt like I was taking a lot about the challenges and hated the thought of my over talking it. Worried behind my back people would be like “Will Paul shut up about these bloody challenges” lol. That’s my anxiety for you. Found myself joking with people about some of the things I’m really worried about. They were top though especially Mark with some top advice and some great suggestions. I just wanna get into that pool and swim away the anxieties away!

Need to pick up my energy levels today at I’m feeling quite weak this morning. Hope it’s not another bloody illness!!!

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