Spoke to Suzy from Serco and Redesigned Swimming Program

Suzy called me today which was spooky as I was about to call her about my training program etc. She spoke to me about that they were a little concerned about me doing the whole challenge in breastroke due to it being so demanding of a stroke. She also spoke about a possibility of me coming down to speak to her and have a 1 to 1 with a swimming coach and perhaps show my swimming technique to see if I could get any last minute free coaching!!! How much kinder can these guys from Serco get? I must remember to thank them somehow once (IF) I get this challenge done.

This is the email I sent to Suzy today:

Hi Suzy

Thanks for checking in on me today about my silly mistype saying March rather than May – if it was March I also would have been worried.

If it is at all possible, please could you forward on the new training programme to the coach? It is a bit technical and only shows the Distance Sessions which I will be attempting on Sundays when I will have the free, uninterrupted time in a lane. I was inspired by and based my programme on the attached Dark 10K training manual which talks about breaking up the distance with certain techniques etc.

I will also be doing a swim on a Wednesday or Thursday for 2 hours. I was thinking of what I could work on for my stroke on this particular day whether it be technique, strength or pure cardio. I would be interested to hear from your coach on this.

Finally, I completely understand your concerns about developing terrible back aches etc doing the challenge in breaststroke rather than front crawl. This is something I have thought of often and I guess this will depend on my technique and doing regular backstrokes to try to help neutralise my aches. My front crawl is just not great due to maximising my swimming time with breaststroke due to its fitness qualities. At this stage I think it might be a little late to start perfecting front crawl as well as trying to get my lengths in which I really need to start doing now.¬†Furthermore, I also think that telling people I’m doing it in breaststroke which you also said is a more energy depleting and muscle/bone bending stroke could help attract a little more donations – because it is ALL about the donations for me at the end of the day, if not just a little bit to see if I can do this.

I am currently midway (5 weeks) through The Insanity Workout programme which works on building core strength and cardio and my swimming has already improved considerably just from doing this workout. I am also clean from beer, additives, pizzas etc since January due to the Insanity Elite Nutrition programme I follow to the letter. The Insanity Workouts also have a variety of sessions which just work on cardio recovery which involves stretching tired muscles which will be beneficial during my training.

For the challenge, I have spoken to a leading sports nutritionist about the energy supplements for the day, including energy gels, energy bars, taking beta analine, endurance and recovery drink supplements. All of these I have invested in (ouch not cheap) and have been using for about 3 weeks.

I’m in the best form of my life at present and really looking forward to the challenge. I would just appreciate if the coach could have a quick look at this email and give back any advice if possible. It would be even better if we could arrange a time to suit YOU when I can come and have a quick chat and perhaps show my challenge technique?

Many Thanks and Kindest Regards,

Paul Carruthers

Here is the training program I recreated today for my Distance Swimming training days.

25Km Swimming Schedule

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