Suzy from Serco has been in contact – Fantastic News… and Slightly Disheartening Advice

So Suzy from Serco got in touch today, Serco manage all of the Bolton pools and gyms and have already promised such as:

  • giving me a lane completely to myself for the duration of the day
  • no cost to hire the lane for the day
  • putting up information on their website and social media
  • putting up posters in the Horwich Leisure Centre and setting up a bucket on the day so that people can come along and donate as I go Read More

Well, today she said she’s spoken to the management and they are giving me a Free Walkabout Swimming Membership for the whole duration of my swimming training. That means that I can go into any pool in Bolton for free at any time (as long as there are no club swims on and women’s hour etc). How good is that? So so grateful to them – they’ve already done so much. This will even more allow me to concentrate on the training ahead knowing I can pop in whenever I want, maybe three times a week – or perhaps that’s pushing it?

Well… speaking of it I would be pushing it or not, Suzy also said that she has also spoken to a swimming coach and they have seen my swimming calendar and they are particularly concerned that I am simply not swimming enough. By this the coach means that instead of doing 50 lengths, then having a break, then another 50 lengths, then a break, I should instead just be absolutely going for it, not at full pace, but without breaks – this will apparently get me used to going for the longer distances.

At first glance, this advice didn’t make much sense. Surely the rests are crucial and beneficial to ensuring that my muscles are not over-strained and that I can recover oxygen and energy to my muscles. I’ve slightly altered my program so that I will push for longer distances earlier, hoping to do 600 lengths the week before the event.

I might speak to Tom Irving, my nutritionist advisor for his thoughts in case something has been lost in translation. Now is not the time to receive advice if it was misheard incorrectly.

Suzy, who has been so kind and lovely also said that she know that her grandad has once swam a marathon (26.2 miles) which equates to about 1,700 lengths!! She said she’s going to ask for any advice that he can give me – but joked that in his day it would have been a couple of cups of tea and he went for it, a world away from the science and nutrition available today.

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