Doctors Fitness Test???

Remembering that Suzy from Serco asked me that I needed to contact my GP prior to doing the event, I contacted my local GP (Kildonan House, Horwich) to arrange an appointment to do this. The lady on the phone, however, said that what I actually need to do is to arrange a fitness test before a doctor can give me the OK prior to a specific event…. and she continues and tells me that it will cost £90!! Great another small expense I’ll have to add to my challenge expenditure list. So, knowing I have already saved enough money at present to pay for this, and keen to get things progressing I said OK I’ll go ahead with it – until she then told me I need to get the relevant documentation from Serco which explains the event I will be undertaking and what specifics I should be tested for? Blooming heck – what a hassle.

I’ve emailed Suzy from Serco asking her if she knows what the doctors are talking about. Maybe I should just go for it lol – I am planning to do 500 and 600 length practices up to the event without anyone knowing I’m in the pool those days.

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