SO I had a day off and went on the beers – GUILT

“Have a day off” people said. “Don’t feel guilt” they said… I cannot help it if I’ve become MAJORLY obsessive with everything which is going on.

Anyway, yesterday some awesome friends of ours came round and one beer became seven. Went bed after 1am and today got up with Seb before 7am…. and all day I have been mega busy with a needy Seb. Been quite anxious today meeting up with new friends and keeping Seb quiet at Grandma and Grandad’s house… and when I got home tonight I’m now absolutely shattered!

Skipped Insanity tonight and feel mega guilt for that too! – although Sunday is supposed to be a day off Insanity, but because I missed Monday’s workout from not being well I had a gap to fill. Oh well I start the new type Core Cardio & Balance Insanity workouts for next week which is classed as “rest week” – we shall see.

So I have now pretty much completed the first part of Insanity, apart from the missed 6 days being ill and last Monday. So really I did 3/4 weeks. I still feel a bit stronger, a bit fitter, my swim on Wednesday confirmed that with my renewed strength. I just wonder if this is the RIGHT plan for me at times and if I SHOULD be just concentrating on my swimming training. I reckon I’m just being hard on myself to be honest. It’s just that I can feel the challenge coming fast now, especially with putting it live on Facebook. I will still see this Insanity out, especially now the crazy Insanity part 2 starts after next week where all the workouts have the words “MAX” in them all.

I’m scared haha!

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