Back to fitness ways I think… just

So last night I caned the Insanity 45 min Pure Cardio session without stopping and THEN did the Insane Abs 40 min workout right afterwards. Really happy although felt my muscles a bit achy from my cold and a bit sniffly still today but still very chuffed.

I’ve got lots of nice things to eat today which I prepared yesterday. Before Insanity last night I prepared 5 meals, 1 for tea last night (baked cod… oh delish!) and 4 for today…


I love my thick pink gloop I get in the mornings. Porridge oats, fresh berries, raisins, nuts, protein powder, milk.


My elevenses shake (berries, milk, protein powder, banana, peanut butter) is always good, although I wasn’t sure why it was brown instead of it’s normal pink…. should I be worried? :O


For din dins I had prawn cocktail on bread with veg….


For my 4 o’clock I had 1 slice crammed with peanut butter and jam and a full tub of cottage cheese.

Then for 8pm tea I had baked cod covered in breadcrumbs with steamed veg (and a bit of naughty tartar sauce… YUM!!!

20140220_201058_Leicester Ave[1]

Before my tea I had a 2 mile swim and after tea I did my Insanity Cardio Recovery, which still isn’t as easy as it sounds. Then made 4 meals for Friday and then bed… what a life :-/

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