Tom Irving, sports nutritionist expert gives me amazing advice

Wow I received a phone call today from Tom Irving, a head dietitian and leading sports nutritionist who wanted to give me loads of advice on the best way to tackle this 1,000 x 25m lengths swimming endurance challenge. WOW I have my very own dietitian and sports nutritionist expert!

He called to give his advice on the best way of being prepared nutritionally and being able to undertake this challenge, giving myself the best chance of avoiding exhaustion and hitting walls etc.

He advised on the following for either a training day or for the big day:

  • 2 hours before have a high carbohydrate and protein meal/breakfast consisting of something like porridge, cinnamon, honey and some eggs…. to be fair this is is something along the lines of what I would have anyway.
  • 20 minutes before have a high protein low fat energy bar
  • 5 minutes before take an energy gel to give a burst of energy
  • Every 10-15 minutes take 8-10 gulps of EZ endurance energy liquids
  • Try and take some 10 minute breaks and have a high protein low fat energy bar

Tom also advised that he recently attended a conference in Russia about the benefits of taking Beta Alanine supplements which increase the alkaline in your blood decreasing the chances of getting cramp (which is when there is a high buildup of acid in the blood and muscles). This kind of product he recommends regularly to Tour de France cyclists.

A quick update on my training – there has been none for the last 5 days. A cold has completely wiped me out but I’m remaining positive. I have a long way to train for this challenge and Tom agrees that it is a very good amount of time to prepare myself.

Hopefully I’ll be doing some Insanity tonight and look towards a swim on Thursday.

I’ve just ordered

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