Calorie Deficit Confusion….. Tom?

Take a look at this:


I thought I had got the figures right originally with my nutritionist Tom Irving from But if each hour an energy supplement called EZ Endurance gives 380 calories back per hour and if each hour I swim 870 calories then that means each hour I will be losing a deficit of around 490 calories… or over 12 hours around 5,880.

Surely I must have done something wrong, or this is right and I have to power through it? Surely not, at that kind of deficit I would lose energy and come to a painful, tiring stop.

I’ve emailed Tom and he promised to look at it this week for me which is kind of him. He also said:

“Keep us posted on how you get on, we would be happy to run a blog feature on this for you to help raise awareness”

Now THAT would be MASSIVE exposure – this website has a huge customer fan-base so I could generate a bit of cash from them as well…. possibly!

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