Insanity – One Week In…. 7 / 60 days

One week in… I’m not sure if it’s made a huge difference just yet but it is early days.

The workouts are repeated now which gives me an indication of progress. Saturday’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit (look at me copying and pasting that pretending that I know what it means) was a little easier than the previous/first time I did it. My muscles at first were dying, especially in my huge legs which need so much energy to get going. My running started off like that – I had to build my legs before pushing my fitness so now hopefully I’ll be getting faster and stronger.

A little more shredding around the abdominal area would be desired but I’m not cutting calories anymore – I’m actually eating 1,000 calories than I used to.

The thing I’ve learned quickly is that more calories is more energy to do more cardio to burn off fat and build muscle. Sounds simple but more calories to lose fat sounds crazy!

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