Swimming a Thousand Lengths??? What am I thinking?

I really should be doing some work but my mind wandered at doing this 1,000 lengths challenge. I started looking around at pools which could allow me to do 1,000 x 25m uninterrupted. Only Horwich and Farnworth Leisure Centres have 25m pools so if I’m doing it locally then I shall do it here. Maybe I could arrange a lane to myself if I contact them directly.

THEN, I started Googling around to see if anyone has attempted/conquered such a challenge and I found one guy who is also attempting it in April. God he looks the nuts and he’s in his 50s and did 500 lengths in a previous attempt and he said it killed him. I’ve Facebook messaged him to see if he can offer any advice.

I’ve also asked my good mate Tim Cromarty who’s an amazing swimmer if he can offer any good advice.

Something I need to look at is the idea of arranging media publicity which isn’t something I’m keen on as these were originally challenges just for me to see if I could do them, but they guy who did 500 last time raised over £1,000 and he did some work on his publicity which looks like what got the funds up. I might email Bolton News to see what they say closer to the time .

I might approach them as a guy who’s doing 5 events and they might publicise some of them such as the 1,000 length swim in May and the C2C2C in August.

There is so much to do and today I’ve started to get worried that I might not be able to do the actual 1,000. I could actually ask people that I’m doing a three tier sponsorship where if I do 500 lengths they pay half the sponsorship, 750 lengths and it’s 75% and 1,000 = 100%. I’ll ask my mates to see what they think is right.

Also been speaking to Aidy about the C2C2C and we’re going to try to be tight and get the 7 nights of B&Bs really cheap by saying it’s for charity and we need to save as much money as we can get.

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