Aidy is IN! + Possible C2C2C routes

After bantering with my mate Aidy today about the possibility of him doing the C2C2C with me he said he’d possibly do it if the cycle part was over 2 days. I think he thought we were doing the C2C from The Lakes to Newcastle, the easier less scenic route. After I explained I wanted to do the harder The Lakes to Robin Hoods Bay trip and that it would take 3 days to cycle I then piled him with COME ONs.

I then took it upon me, whilst researching on websites about C2C cycle routes and C2C walks I was able to plot a quick route based on stopping at the nicest B&Bs and going via the most scenic routes.

Here is a quick idea of the routes we could take:

C2C2C Routes

I’m such a geek when it comes to Excel and numbers…. anyway after sending this to Aidy and pestering him even more he said:


Oh yes son! Mum/Dad sorry about the swearing – he’s a nice guy really – he just has very strange hair (says me).

C2C2C Map


3 Day Cycle: St Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay
5 Day Run: Robin Hood’s Bay to St Bees

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