The Fierce FIVE Challenges – Charity Ideas

I’m full of a cold at the moment so no training this week which has been a nice change.

So, I’m still really keen on this Fierce FIVE Challenges thing and here are my thoughts and charity ideas for them.

The Great North Run Manchester 10K
Charity: AFC Masters
Iain, the manager of AFC Masters suggests we should all run together as a group (coaches and players) which means there’s no real need for me to push myself for a fast pace. The issue I also have is that I have Scouts training on this day so I don’t know if I should plan this, do the Scouts training and maybe do the smaller We Love Manchester 10K event instead for pace?

The Great North Swim
Charity: Undecided – I have an idea
I need to do flipping loads of outdoor training but the event is in June and I need to get into the cold open water to practice in before this event. I need to track Hellen down and get some training with her.

Coast to Coast to Coast (back again)
: Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Doing this is going to be flipping hard but will be great running for the hospital that saved my dad. The issue I have is lending a bike and then I’ll need to leave it at Robin Hoods Bay and either a) get it shipped, b) someone pick it up, c) pick it up in car when I get back to St. Bees.

Tough Mudder
: AFC Masters
I’m entered – I’m in no going back. I’ll start the training in April.

1,000 pool lengths swim
: The National Autistic Society
I’m still really keen on this and should be the first event I’m doing this year. I don’t really know how hard it will be. Hellen, the swimming expert thinks it might be too much? I need to do a practice 500 lengths one soon perhaps in March?

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