Aidy might be in on doing the C2C2C with me

Charlie my good friend came back from London for the weekend for his 30th. We met up at a pub having a chat with his friends, one of them my good friend Adrian Massey. I told him about my secret Fierce FIVE Challenges and he seemed really interested in the Coast 2 Coast 2 Coast event in particular.

Originally I wanted to ask him if I could borrow his GoPro camera but he then said he would consider doing it with me!!! MINTER – it’d be ace having someone else with me to do it and keep me company over the 8 lonesome days.

He’s a top laugh so would definitely be a welcome addition (and am sure Ang would like to know someone was with me whilst I’m thousands of feet up in the Lakes, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire Moors).

1 thought on “Aidy might be in on doing the C2C2C with me

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