Knee in pieces!

My god I can’t even walk on it now! What have I done to it? Well after a bit of research it seems that I might have developed a runners knee which is explained as:

Repeated bending of the knee can irritate the nerves of the kneecap. Overstretched tendons (tendons are the tissues that connect muscles to bones) may also cause the pain of runner’s knee

I hope this clears up soon as I’m loving my running at the moment and it’s getting darker earliery each evening now.

Knee Packed In!!!

Ahhh – a nice sunny evening I thought I’d go for a run and so I went via Rivington to Anglezark as I normally do (wow flies everywhere – I was breathing them in literally).

Anyway, as I got to Anglezark I could feel my right knee getting a bit tight, niggling. I carried on hoping I could jog it off but on the way back it started really hurting up to a point where that by the time I got back to Rivington I couldn’t run on it any longer. Walking on it is fine but when I was running I couldn’t go further than a few meters without having to stop.

So it ended up as a nice, painless walk back home through Rivington in the twilight, but frustrating as I wanted to get home, but running caused me agony.