A Long BAD Run

This is what happens when you don’t plan your journey. 14 miles in 3hrs 10mins (inc. 35min rest), pace 11:01 min/mile.

It started off really good, running through Rivington then Anglezark, then I thought “I’m loving this run, hey I always used to go to White Coppice on my bike, it isn’t that far I’ll run to there then run down the roads back.” I think the bike part should have rang alarm bells – it was miles from Anglezark and by the time I got there I had no idea where to find the road back home.

It was getting dark and I found a road where I could hear cars and to my Shock I was next to Botany Bay??? That’s MILES from home!

I found the road home from phone sat nav but at this stage I had no water and no energy. Very stupid, I had to use the sat nav to get me home but it was a jog 2 mins, walk 5 mins all the way home. Very Very Stupid. I will never go jogging spontaneously every again. Always plan plan plan from now on.


14 miles though – get in ha!