4 Miles / 6.5 K Swim (in two stages)


OK – so I wanted to set myself a challenge of how many lengths I could do if I:

  • finished work early
  • went straight to the pool
  • swim a set
  • let the lane divider go down and take a break
  • swim a second set

I did just this! I swam 150 lengths when it was 17 meters and then swan 160 lengths when it was 25 meters (was only going to do 100 lengths). This results in a 4 Miles / 6.5 K swim. I certainly don’t think I’ll be beating this record for a long while!

IMG_20130306_195109IMG_20130306_195117 IMG_20130306_221614

166 Swimming Lengths


I really went for it at first which resulted in me dying of energy quickly. Stupid Really. Still tired from Nightlife from night before. It’s another PB but must keep improving! Can I get more than 170-180 lengths in the 2 hour window I’m given at Bolton One (lane divider).