100 swimming lengths!

Tonight I did 100 lengths of the Bolton One Pool – it is MILES better here than the Horwich Leisure Centre. I have to remember to come after 8pm though as they have a stupid pool divider on until 7:50pm which cuts the pool into a 17m pool and a shallow pool for kids.

Did 100 lengths in 70 mins – really chuffed with myself.

Started Swimming

OK so I started swimming tonight as a cheap way of getting fit. Apparently doing breast stroke is far more effective at burning calories/fat in comparison to running, cycling etc.

On the way in I saw Ste Macdonald, an old mate of my brother Pete. He said “Ah you just doing a mile then?” to which I replied “A mile?? Not a chance” – I was quite surprised that even he could do that much? A mile?

Tonight I did 46 lengths but had to come out due to no room because of swimming lessons dominating the pool. Maybe I could try to do a mile next time which is 63 lengths.